I Hope Ute-Free Rachel Does Not See This

I am pretty sure this would be offensive to her too…

Tongue Tied – Womb-less Women?:
The South Carolina branch of the NAACP is under fire for a MLK Day commemorative service that featured speech deemed insensitive to homosexuals and transgendered people, reports The State.

During the speech, Dr. Sheila Koger of Columbia’s Bethlehem Baptist Church said that transgendered people confuse children and that the Bible doesn’t condone homosexuality. "God said in the beginning he created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve," Koger said. "If you don’t got a womb, then you’re a man."

In a statement released later, the NAACP said her comments do not represent the group.

You know, fighting the cancer and all. "If you don’t got a womb, then you’re a man." Yeah, I’m pretty sure the South Carolina NAACP is gonna go on her shit-list. I guess this is what happens when you let women be priests. You gotta womb, you can’t preach the word of God. Right?

~ by kinshay on 2004-01-26.

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  1. People- it is South Carolina we are talking about here. They have a different view of MLK than the rest osf society. To them , he was a great man who loved all women- as long as they were not transgendered or homosexual. There are different kinds of tolerance and Lord knows MLK did not stand for no sissies.

  2. the first person i heard use that adam and steve line was little richard. god love the man but anytime you are siting him to make your point, well you are siting little richard.

  3. Oooooooh- I see some serious Jesse Jackson, rainbow- coalition, friggin let my people go, NAACP ass kickin goin on… I am proof that Dr. Freddie Kruger needs to take a logic class.

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