Kin Yah Brutha – he can handle the meat!

As last night was amateur night, I went down to see Kin-Sean and family. I was not going to go out and drink like a buffoon. Cate was an extreme delight, as always. Colleen was radiant, as always, ever the most gracious hostess.

But the topper to the evening –
Sean’s cooking.


I know. I didn’t know Sean could cook so damn good outside of the crock-pot and buffalo wings. He made some herb encrusted steak that was outstanding. We ate all of it. Didn’t think we could, we did. He supposedly "forgot" how he made it – meaning he does not want to share his homegrown recipe. Bastard. I do know he is almost out of "Soul Seasoning" – I am trying to convince him this means I, Cate and he should take a road trip to New Orleans to get some more. (Even though it is apparently made in Bayonne, New Jersey. Bayonne sounds like a LA Parish, doesn’t it?) So, please donate to help Sean and I and Cate go to New Orleans and buy Soul Seasoning, and more steak. God Bless.

~ by kinshay on 2004-01-01.

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  1. I HATE Phil Hellmouth. (Misspelled on purpose for Buffy fans.) I watched all of the 2003 series of poker. I was so happy when he got knocked out, and had to get a hug from mommy.

  2. Happy Birthday Jake!

  3. I got it Jake, Movable type is rather flexible.

  4. oops

  5. Sorry Jake, I was talking out of turn. I was only going off of what I have seen, never really looking into his background. He just annoys me. But strangely I seem to adore Scotty Nguyen, who could almost be as annoying as Phil but carries it off as a funny mother-fucker.

  6. I bet Hellmuth makes all kinds of money against civilians who come up to him and Vegas and think they can whoop his ass because he does act like a little hooker on TV. He then proceeds to destroy them. I know this probably happens to all the pros, but I bet Hellmuth gets extra amateur play.

  7. Oh Jesus.

  8. And Shay, you still get checks?!

  9. Dute – I paid in the insurance for 16 years now, first time I had to use it. And unlike some of my less scrupulous former co-workers, I did not start collecting until I was eligible.

  10. “Hammah” as in Hammah-head?

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