Woman Allegedly Tries to Choke Marshal

I have been extremely drunk on an airplane before. No way I am going to have to drive, long boring flight, good way to get to sleep. Hell, on my way to meet Miracleed in Hong Kong, I got drunk 3 times on one flight alone (looooong flight that one was.) I have one Irish relative who is rather rich and knows how to enjoy himself. He and a business associate once got so intoxicated on a flight the airline sprung for a limo to take them home and banned them from ever flying Virgin again. (Granted – he has been in 2 plane crashes, one he walked away from, one he was carried. He may need to drink to fly.)

However, no one I know has ever been drunk enough to attempt to kick an Air Marshal in the nuts…

MINNEAPOLIS—A woman allegedly tried to choke a federal air marshal after she became disruptive on a flight from Pittsburgh to Minneapolis, authorities said.

The air marshal approached the woman, who was allegedly intoxicated, vocal and obnoxious aboard Northwest Airlines Flight 1057 on Tuesday, Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Jennifer Marty said.

After the woman continued to be disruptive, she tried to choke the marshal in a later exchange, Marty said. She also kicked the marshal in the groin and bit a law enforcement officer after she was escorted off the plane, Marty said.

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  1. They never say that the air marshal is a man. Could this be a So I Married an Axe Murderer groin kick?

  2. duh heh heh, go ahead, tell her Shane… tell her…

    he said “kick her in the fish”

  3. I knew it was coming, the little voice in the back of my head kept saying “Wait for it, wait for it.”

    Did expect it to be Edo though.

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