Why I love Glenn Reynolds

Good to know I am not the only Zionist left, eh Casey? I will be writing a big ole post about Instapundit soon, but for now read this:

THE UNITED STATES SHOULD NOT TRY to play a "neutral arbiter" in the Israeli/Palestinian dispute. We should, in fact, be doing our best to make the Palestinians suffer, because, to put it bluntly, they are our enemies. Just read this post and follow the links to see how they feel about America.

And read this piece by Amir Taheri on the Iraqi "resistance," which notes Palestinian terror connections by the Iraqi insurgents, and features a Palestinian "journalist" egging them on.

These folks are our enemies, and deserve to be treated as such. They don’t deserve a state of their own. It’s not clear that they even deserve to keep what they’ve got. I don’t think this means that the Bush Administration should be taking direction action against them—closing off their funding via shutting down Saddam is a good start, and a policy of slow strangulation directed at Arafat and his fellow terrorists is probably the most politic at the moment. We need to try to squeeze off the EU funding, too, especially now that it’s been admitted to be part of a proxy war by the EU not just against Israel, but America.

I could not agree more. Stand up for our friend, and protect ourselves.

~ by kinshay on 2003-12-31.

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  1. blink?

  2. Drunken commenting is always encouraged on Kinshay.com. In fact, it is required before we let C.O.D. near the keyboard.

    Glad you are finally participating Casey!

  3. and all it took was an unsolicited attack

  4. Attack? Not meant as an attack, just a joke. Sorry if I offended.

  5. Gads! You people are giving me horrible flashbacks to my years spent growing up in the “hollers” of East Tennessee…

  6. I was born in Tennessee, stuck around all of 3 days before moving to the Northeast.

  7. god, it is with more than a little horror that i realize that there is a common hillbilly link between everyone in the room but me.

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