Tatu take on Putin

It is good to know that when the lack of talent and teenage faux lesbianism wears off, there is something else to fall back on.

Tatu are running against Vladimir Putin in a bid to become joint presidents of Russia.

Yulia Volkova, 18, and Lena Katina, 19, have vowed to win the election battle in March.

The girls believe they can do a better job than current head of state Putin.

Tatu' s spokeswoman told the Sun: "Tatu are running together. We cannot separate the girls."

~ by kinshay on 2003-12-31.

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  1. Considering how Putin bitch-slapped Mikhail Khodorkovsky, I think Tatu should be careful. As a bad comparison, if George Bush ordered the arrest of Bill Gates, would the White Stripes start shit with him?

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