Oh, Willie!

Everyone knows I love me some Red Headed Stranger. His Storytellers album with Johnny Cash changed Kinshay’s life. Why do you make it so hard on me, Willie Nelson?

The Austin American Statesman says the following about a new protest song Willie has written:
Asked if he’s concerned that the new song—which asks such biting questions as “How much oil is one human life worth?” and “How much is a liar’s word worth?”—might cause a backlash with conservative country music fans, Nelson said, “I sure hope so. I don’t care if people say, `Who the hell does he think he is?’ I know who I am.”

Come on, Willie. You’re better than that. What’s with the tired old lies? How was the war for oil? Give me specifics, citations, and names. When did Bush lie? He may have been mistaken, but he didn’t lie. In his State of the Union address, he said that British intelligence reported something which they did report. That is telling the truth. If Kinsean told me he saw Ben Affleck fellating a giant hampster, I would definitely turn around and tell Kinshay what Sean had told me. Does that make me a liar? Then again, Ben Affleck may indeed be a hampster gobbler…

I can’t wait to see the rest of the lyrics! I’m guessing Enron and Halliburton make an appearance, although not a single neo-communist hipster can tell me what either company does or how Bush is connected to them. Or maybe he’ll talk about a stolen election, although nobody can show me a newspaper recount under any rules where Gore would have won.

~ by kinshay on 2003-12-31.

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  1. I agree but will let Willie slide on this one. Why? Cause he is old and prob still bitter against everything the government does over that whole tax thing.

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