Amateur Night

There are two select holidays I like to call Amateur Night – New Year’s Eve and St Patrick’s Day. People who are not normally hard core drinkers go all out on these evenings. I am not sure why, maybe social pressure, maybe a feeling of laxity that whatever they do will be forgiven on account of the nature of the holiday, that these are holidays designed for "Adults." I feel they are mindless pricks looking for an excuse to forego responsibility.

Whatever – if you don’t have the practice, don’t try and drink like a pro on these nights. They are as bad as Christmas Catholics and High Holiday Temple Jews. People will wind up getting hurt. Don’t start fights, don’t dare try to drive.

Having said all that, I hope every has a safe and fun holiday.

~ by kinshay on 2003-12-31.

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  1. thanks for the advice and happy new year from a professional light weight.

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