Israel Orders Evacuation of Four Settlements

I read this and had to think for a minute. When we went up to Code Orange before Christmas, it did not really cause me much concern. Unless I lived in a huge city or Rappahannock, Va., I really did not think it would effect me. For one thing, we have a lot of warnings, and rarely see anything come of them. I believe that is because of the effectiveness of our intelligence agencies and law enforcement. And we expect warnings to go up on major holidays and events. Super Bowl, New Year’s Eve, etc are targets we expect. But nothing seems to happen.

But imagine living in Israel. A whole segment of the population wants to kill everyone outside of themselves. Hyperbole you say? I believe it was in the Palestinian constitution one of the directives called for the destruction of the Jewish State. I can only imagine how horrifying one of these warnings are. Things do happen, terrorists get through. I pray they have a safe new year in the middle east, but I doubt blood will not be shed.

JERUSALEM — Jewish settlers on Monday vowed to oppose Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s order to dismantle four unauthorized West Bank outposts, warning they will resist if soldiers come to evacuate their communities.

Meanwhile, Israeli security officials warned that militant groups are planning a major attack on New Year’s Eve, possibly targeting holy sites, kindergartens, apartment buildings and hospitals.

Police have been told to prepare for the possibility of an attack by air, sea or land involving simultaneous homicide bombings, the officials said, speaking on condition of anonymity. Police declined to comment.

~ by kinshay on 2003-12-29.

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