German Firefighters Rescue Flock of Seagulls

Damn It! I read the headline and thought it meant something else. I am most disappointed.

MUNICH, Germany (Reuters) – Munich firefighters were called out on Christmas day to rescue a flock of seagulls that got stuck when a lake near the city’s Olympic stadium froze over.

"They didn’t notice it was getting colder and their tails got frozen stuck," a fire brigade spokesman said on Thursday. "We were able to help most wiggle free but one bird was so stuck so we had to cut out the whole chunk of ice and take the whole thing back to the station."

~ by kinshay on 2003-12-26.

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  1. I thought dudes with big hair were stuck in a boat or somefin, spending the time singing about how they ran, ran so far awa-ay.

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