Robbins’ ‘Embedded’ Play Not So Realistic

This is a shock. Tim Robbins writing something anti-war? And receiving good reviews from an ultra-liberal paper? Sure all our troops are thieves and killers of innocent women and children, of course we don’t actually set up rape rooms and mass graves. We just aren’t as efficient as the last regime. Did you mention that there Timmy Boy?

LOS ANGELES — Embedded journalists brought the Iraq war live into America’s living rooms.

But now, actor and anti-war activist Tim Robbins has written and directed a play depicting his version of what he thinks happened in Iraq.

Robbins, an ardent critic of President Bush, as well as the war, isn’t a journalist, nor is he a soldier who has been to Iraq. In fact, he’s never been embedded with the troops.

But his play, "Embedded," profiles the journalists who traveled with and reported on U.S. soldiers in Iraq and features the president’s war cabinet. It was written in Los Angeles and produced in Hollywood.

Robbins portrays journalists as Pentagon puppets, U.S. soldiers as thieves and killers of innocent women and children, and the Bush cabinet as war mongers willing to start a war to escape the negative publicity of the Enron scandal.

In production less than a month, the play received not one, but two glowing reviews from the Los Angeles Times. Robbins’ audience appears to accept his version of the war as the gospel truth.

~ by kinshay on 2003-11-28.

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