Boy Sold to Restaurant as Dog Meat

So many things I could say, but I am most stuck on Dog Meat. The restauranteur bought the dog on spec from drug addicts. Did not open the sack to see what kind of dog, if it were diseased, etc. Is that a proper way to run a restaurant?

HANOI (Reuters) – Vietnamese drug addicts kidnapped a mute teenager, bundled him in a sack and sold him to a dog-meat eatery as a stray canine, state media said on Saturday.

The Gia Dinh Xa Hoi newspaper said the two addicts grabbed the homeless 13-year-old from a busy market in Halong city.

Halong, around 90 miles from the capital, Hanoi, attracts hordes of tourists to its spectacular bay and rock formations, a United Nations heritage site.

The kidnappers tied up the boy, bundled him into a sack and sold him to the restaurant for $19, the newspaper said.

The restaurateur, shocked to find the boy, fed him and released him.

You are surprised I am not grossed out about the whole serving dog thing? Well, I would be, except I am not allowed to. You see, way back in the day, I went to China to retrieve and re-educate Edo. (This is where Miracleed also got the nickname Edo – from a wee tiny Japanese girl with a hairy forehead.) Edo had been there a good 8 months or so, and picked up a few too many of the local customs. He was also a vegetarian at the time. As you can see from the picture, he was rather hippie too.

I spoke no Chinese (Mandarin.) We went to a nice restaurant once, I told Edo what I wanted, he ordered for me. Then he said, “Oh, Wait, You' ve got to try this dish. It' s beef, so I can' t eat it, but I saw some other guys who got it, it looked great!” “Fine” I say, and let him order it. It was like beef teriyaki with an odd grain to it. Only after I had eaten it all did he inform me as to what I really ate. Woof Woof. I love Edo, but I really hate him. Maybe that' s why I forget his birthday every year.

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