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The best new show on television is without a doubt Ride with Funkmaster Flex. If you’ve never seen it or have no idea who Flex is, here’s the short version: Flex goes around the country visiting with rap stars, sports figures, and other famous folk, checking out their joints (cars) and kickin’ knowledge (instructing) to his audience about the state of automotive art. Flex is from the Boogy-Down Bronx and became famous as a DJ on Hot 97. You’ve probably seen him on MTV hittin’ the 1s and 2s (spinning records). Even if you haven’t liked any rap since Ice Cube’s Predator (like me), it is fun to see Flex interacting with people. He has his own automotive restoration business, Team Baurtwell, where he customizes new cars and classics alike. I think the best episode so far has been the one with 50 Cent. 50 bought an old school Impala (I want to say it was a ‘64) and Flex tricked it out for him. 50 Cent’s reaction upon first seeing it is outstanding. Anyway, most of the promising shows on Spike TV have sucked (I’m looking in your direction, Gary the Rat), but Flex has redeemed the network and made me happy that the midget Spike Lee settled out of court.

~ by kinshay on 2003-11-01.

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  1. there is a better version of this show on telemundo watching all the latino street gangs have lowrider meetings. late night tv rules!!

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