Sky shelves show over transsexual row

Sky One has shelved a reality show which set up six male contestants with a gorgeous woman – only to reveal that “she” was a transsexual.

The broadcaster said the show, Find Me A Man, would not be included in the current schedule. It had been provisionally scheduled to go out next month.

The six contestants had hired lawyers to block transmission of the programme.

They have made a string of allegations against Sky and the programme makers, Brighter Pictures, including conspiracy to commit a sexual assault, defamation, personal injury and breach of contract

Hah! Don’t these Brits know that regular reality is out and effed up twists are in? Guess Jerry Springer is not on over in the UK. This is the price you pay for your 15 minutes guys, take it like a man. (Oh wait – they already did!)

~ by kinshay on 2003-10-31.

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  1. Anyone who is stupid enough to be on reality television deserves to get a Crying Game pulled on them. Except Joe Schmo. I love him.

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