High School Girls Pummel Man Who Exposed Himself

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) – A man described by authorities as a known sexual predator was chased through the streets of South Philadelphia by an angry crowd of Catholic high school girls, who kicked and punched him after he was tackled by neighbors, police said on Friday.

Rudy Susanto, 25, who had exposed himself to teen-age girls on as many as seven occasions outside St. Maria Goretti School, struck again on Thursday just as students were being dismissed, police said.

Way to go Girls!!!!

The more I read this the more awesome it is. I am glad these girls know their defense against this type of attack is up to them. Obviously the police could do nothing to stop it and the girls did.

~ by kinshay on 2003-10-31.

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  1. Mmmmm, Catholic school girls.

  2. Just a note – I did find this on my own but Jake beat me by a good 3 hours or so.

  3. suffice to say he was beaten off by a gang of catholic school girls- usuall y that costs big funkmaster flex $$$$

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