Teacher suspended after making student disrobe

By Sarah Horner

A Union Elementary social studies teacher received a three day suspension after allegedly ordering a boy to strip in front of his classmates.

The incident, which took place last Wednesday at the Henderson County school, is being looked into by the school district’s attorney Canna and Canna from the Chicago area.

According to information released by the 12-year-old-boy’s parents the social studies class was discussing the Pharaohs when they ruled Egypt. The teacher, Lisa Lox, had asked her class would there be a need for laws if there were only one person left on earth. The students all responded with a ‘no’. Then the teacher asked if there would be a need for laws if there were only two people on earth.

All but two students, said there would need to be laws. The two students who disagreed, included the 12-year-old and another student in the class who said they would split the earth evenly.

With that said the teacher then, to possibly help prove a point, asked the girl to give her his textbooks. He did. Then the teacher allegedly told him to take off his clothes. The sixth grader, whose name is not being published on the request of his mother, did including everything but his underwear.

Suspended? Suspended? A 5 year old gives an “inappropriate” hug to a classmate and can get sued for sexual harrasment and this teacher gets a 3 day pass? I think a good ole firing is called for.

~ by kinshay on 2003-10-29.

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