Does anyone else own a shredder? I bought one a few months ago at Office Depot for $30, and I think it is probably the smartest and most fun purchase I have ever made. I bought it specifically to shred documents I don’t want the UN to get ahold of (credit card statements, receipts, to do lists), but now I shred everything I don’t want. Renewal notice for Maxim magazine? Shred. Paper for school that didn’t print properly? Shred. Blank paper with a crease in the corner, making it unsuitable for use as printer paper? Shred. I enjoy watching the shredder work. It is fascinating in much the same way as watching a fire consume wood is fascinating. I was in the field one time and saw this monstrous shredder the S2 was using: a full cross-cut monstrosity that took 20 sheets at a time. I now have shredder envy and, once the opportunity arises, will be upgrading my nancy-like 3 sheeter.

~ by kinshay on 2003-09-29.

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  1. Bonus from shredding blank and useless pages is it makes it that much harder for “The Man” to find your shit.

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