If Kin-Girl had this percentage at her job

How much have Sen. John Edwards’ presidential ambitions affected his current job? Here’s one yardstick: This month, he has made more trips to early nominating states than to the Senate floor. Edwards, a North Carolina Democrat, has missed 38 of the 42 roll-call votes since the U.S. Senate returned from its August recess, Winston-Salem Journal reported Thursday.

His record is hardly unusual for a presidential candidate. In fact, it is better than the three other Senate Democrats in the race.

But Republican critics have seized upon his absences to argue that Edwards—who announced this month that he won’t seek re-election to the Senate—should go ahead and step down.

But Edwards said that he plans to serve out his term and that his attention to North Carolina issues has not waned. And he says “that his voting record is a poor gauge of his involvement in Senate business.

The state would shut her down because five out of six kids would not be fed, dirty diapers, etc…

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