How I would solve some of our biggest issues

Racism – Treat every person as an individual. If you don’t like someone, don’t like them because they are an asshole, not because of their race/religion/whatever

Gays in the Military – This one amazes me. Government sanctioned discrimination. The government that can fine your corporation out of existence for this type of discrimination is the only one allowed to practice it. We have an all volunteer force. If you don’t like it, don’t join. Oh yeah, BTW you better find a real small town someplace to live, ‘cause gays are everywhere, just like everyone else.

Abortion – Don’t get knocked up. Shuts up all sides of the debate that one does.

Gay Marriage – If some guy or girl wants to lose half of their stuff to some other guy or girl – what do I care? The only issue I have is semantic.

HIV/AIDS – Well, since we all know how this is transmitted, stop being a dumbass and HIV/AIDS is gone in one generation. Not my fault people can’t control themselves. Stop shooting up, start wearing a condom. The education is out there. Everyone knows smoking is bad for you, everyone knows how you get AIDS. If you engage in these ill chosen activities – tough. Michael (my father) died of cancer from smoking. Do we sue the tobacco companies? Hell no – he knew the risks and chose to enjoy smoking instead. Now he is dead. Shame on him. You live in the USA and you get HIV/AIDS now, 99.999% of the time – shame on you. Research money should be going to finding a cure for breast cancer, not something that NO research is needed to defeat.

PC Language – This one gets me good. Stop all the censoring. People have the right to free speech, whether it is popular or not. You can be the biggest racist you want. Know how we should censor them? Don’t listen. You have every right to say what you want, and I have every right to turn and walk away. And if you are offensive enough, I will not patronize your business, in fact I will call for a boycott of your company until they fire you. I will exercise my rights and not let you in my clubs. I will shun you and make sure everyone I know shuns you. Say whatever you want. I will not stop you there. But don’t get pissy when I ignore you.

Drugs – They should all be legal. I still won’t do them. The “war on drugs” is a joke. Import, set it to a capitalist market. Stop the monopolies and let fair market value rule. For one thing, our prisons would be emptied by half. Crime would go WAY down. Quality of life would go up. People can then do whatever they want to do. If you don’t like it – see above re: shun. BUT – don’t expect me to pay for “treatment” if/when you get hooked. That’s part of the “free choice” plan I offer.

Prostitution – Not a big issue I know, but drugs made me think of it. I can hire a guy do perform work all day that requires no thought. Use your body and carry these things up and down the stairs for 8 hours, then pay him. I can hire a woman to whip me, beat me, and call me names and derive more pleasure than anyone, and that’s legal. But if a woman or man gets paid money just a certain area, boom – illegal. Again – your choice. My belief for me and mine is long term monogamous relationships. I will not visit a prostitute. My choice. That may not be your choice. I am stating – you go do your own thing, does not affect me.

To sum up – For me, I like being in a relationship, treating people as individuals, taking responsibility for my own actions. If I don’t like you, I will not support you. (To this day if an R.Kelley song comes on the radio I change the station, for I will in no way support a child rapist.) If you prefer to do things another way – go ahead. Just do not interfere with my life.

Oh yeah – STOP TAXING ME! I know how to spend my money better than you do. And I will take care of myself.

Hopefully this will end the lectures for a while and there will be more stories about guys getting high and cutting their dicks off. (His choice, and a good example of why I choose not to do drugs.)

~ by kinshay on 2003-09-24.

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  1. thank god you have it all figured out.

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