I have now decided against helping with home improvements

A Californian man is lucky to be alive after an accident on a construction site.
Ron Hunt was drilling into a wall when the ladder he was standing on slipped.
His head was impaled on the drill bit.
Surgeons had to literally unscrew the tool from his skull.
Mr Hunt lost the sight in his right eye but still considers himself to be a very lucky man.

~ by kinshay on 2003-09-01.

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  1. I wonder if I am related to this guy? This sounds like one of the good intentioned home improvement projects…turned horribly, horribly WRONG that happens to me on a daily basis…(i.e. falling through part of my attic trying to fish my own cable wire…nailing my bare foot with the moving nylon weedwhacker thread.) Yeah…we MUST be related to eachother…


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