Bones y Atticus

Courtesy of Chris Hayes, Handsome man, we now have updated pictures of Bones and Atticus. Remember – Bones is a cool ass tough guy, Atticus is a simpering cry-baby.


I think Bones will enjoy his futon greatly given this picture:

Someday Bones may miss having Atticus to kick around, but I doubt it.

~ by kinshay on 2003-08-16.

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  1. bones is a dirty whore. a high class whore, but a whoore nonetheless.

    what does the second picture say, if not “lick my pussy”??? huh???

  2. Sean, I have refrained from flying back to Beantown and kicking your ass, but if you say something like that again, then you are not my brother. (Adapted from a speech by Brad Pitt to Aidan Quinn in the screen classic “Legends of the Fall”)

  3. brad pitt is a pussy too!!!

  4. tanja would kick bones little pussy ass
    it would be like a pitbull going after a poodle

  5. jack wins.

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