Friday night bach’ing it with Kinshay

So – how did I spend my Friday night ? First I helped pack up Rachel’s car. She went camping in New Hampster this weekend. She wanted to get on the road as soon as all her kids left, so I volunteered to pack it. I swear to God almighty, She had more gear with her for a weekend trip for her and the girl than I moved across country with. Granted, it is bad bad weather this weekend, so she had to double-up on clothing.

I left her about 5:30, met up with Professor Grif-Toast for A beer. (Grif-Toast is a very pretty boy who talks like a 13 year old girl.) We wound up yammering and I got home 5 beers and two hours later. I had not yet eaten today. Heat up some left over chinese food and talk to Rachel. Luckily her cell has a signal at the campground. I then proceed to fall asleep about ten minutes later watching NASCAR Classics. I woke up when Rachel called to say good night. My head is killing me. Not sure if it cause I woke up or if it’s from the beer. I should probably go to bed and see what happens, but I’ll finish watching NASCAR instead.

~ by kinshay on 2003-08-02.

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  1. is griffin still going out in sweatpants and workboots.
    what a knucklhead

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