If you absolutely, positively have to have it destroyed overnight …

While this whole article disturbs me, it does make me proud. 4 Marines vs 15 Gangbangers – two Marines not hurt at all, two wounded critically, expected to survive. The alcohol the Marines were drinking must have been quite a force multiplier. Our prayers go out to Carter Douglass Caroom, 23, & Randall Roach, 22. And to any dumb-asses who would screw with the Marines.

~ by kinshay on 2003-08-01.

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  1. True, but I were thinking if it were me in that situation, I could hold off one guy, and probably still get my ass kicked. Unless Miracleed were there, then I would only have to wait until he finished with the other 14 before taking out my Crip.

  2. Yeah, speaking of which, you need to get Miracle Ed into some trouble. He was making Trekkie jokes over at my site the other day. His inner balance is all out of whack.

  3. If you ask real nicely, maybe KinShane will write up a ditty about the time he met Wil Wheaton …

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