I noticed Jake has gotten a Tivo. Being a Tivo owner and lover, I thought I would share a few thoughts.

They are evil! Seriously. They are evil like crem broulie (sp?) is evil. So sweet and rich and tasty yet bad for you. I think Tivo was invented by the lawyers who sued the tobacco industry. They want to go after the fast food industry, and for that they need fat people. How do you make fat people? Not just eating Big Macs and Fries … you need them sitting idle, like calves in the pen. But you can’t just lock people up so they can sue. You need to make them want to sit around. Answer: Tivo

Jake probably thinks he will record the shows he wants to watch, and he can get through them in 2/3’s the time. Yeah right. You do watch an evening of prime-time in 2 hours instead of 3, just by skipping the commercials. (BTW to get 30 second skip during the regular play instead of marker skip when you press the ->| button, while playing a show hit select * play * select* 3 * 0* select. You will hear bing bing bing. You can still jump to the end pressing ->| if you are fast forwarding. You need to do this every time you Tivo is powered down or the software updated.)
But if you use the thumbs up and thumbs down, it will start recording other things for you. Things you want to watch. Things you need to watch.

You’ll be searching on actors you like, recording that aerospace special on discovery science at 4am, all sorts of crazy stuff. With 80 hours to fill, it will get you everything you need. Next thing you know, instead of going out for a while and then saving an hour watching prime-time, you’ll blow your whole weekend just trying to empty the box. But it never empties. At least with the 20 hour box, it would erase stuff to make room for new stuff. You could have a weekend with that. Not anymore though …

~ by kinshay on 2003-07-31.

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