This is really just a test of the iTunes posting script, which I have just changed. I love iTunes, it is the best mp3 software I have ever used. I recently purchased, through the iTunes Music Store, the newest Johnny Cash “album.” Big deal you say – but I have not purchased a CD in at least 5 years. Won’t do it. See, I hate paying too much for 3 songs I want to hear and 10 songs of garbage. I wind up ripping the 3 songs I want and tossing the disc. (The exception obviously being Johnny Cash, who produces no garbage.) I will gladly pay $.99 for a song I want to listen to, rather than hop on Kazaa or Limewire, which is what I am used to doing. I can’t wait til iTunes goes to PC platform and all the Gates junkies are doling out millions to Steve Jobs.

I recently read this foxnews article about artists bitching about people getting their music a la carte. The states and federal government will sue Microsoft over bundling their software, this is artists bundling their music. You must take and pay for their shitty songs along with the good. My thought – I am not going to pay for your music on CD’s, will you make more with millions like me paying for 2 or 3 songs or stealing them for free from peer to peer?

Currently listening to Ladyfingers by Luscious Jackson

~ by kinshay on 2003-07-30.

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  1. When did Seamus turn into such a raving Mac whore? I find it disquieting.

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